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Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Jacab Orr’s Fleet of Lake Texoma Fishing Guides represent over one hundred years of collective fishing experience on North Texas’ largest sport fishing lake. Jacob’s boat skippers are professionals who are all equipped with the experience and tools needed to put you where the fish are and help you land them. Whether it’s your first striper fishing trip or your hundredth, these guys will provide the service you need to be successful. All of our Lake Texoma fishing guides are passionate about fishing, and equally passionate about making sure that everyone they take out on the lake has the best overall time possible.

Jacob Orr - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service
Jacob Orr - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service

Jacob Orr

With two decades of unwavering passion for fishing, I am your Lake Texoma fishing guide, dedicated to making every expedition memorable. My deep knowledge of the lake is as profound as my love for the sport, ensuring an unparalleled experience for anglers of all experience levels. Join me in exploring the waters of beautiful lake texoma.

I know intimately, where each ripple tells a story and every cast holds the promise of excitement. Let’s embark on a journey together, where the thrill of striper fishing meets the expertise of a seasoned guide. Welcome to unforgettable adventures on Lake Texoma with Guaranteed Guide Service.

He was especially helpful to the kids!

Our assigned striper guide was Jacob. He was good with communication the entire time leading up to the trip. We showed up at his dock on time this morning. My family members and I were impressed with how clean and nice his boat was. He is a very nice down to earth guy. He was very experienced in chasing the striper around the lake. He tried hard to make sure we caught as many striper as we possibly could given the heat this morning. We ended up catching 24 pretty good size stripers. He was patient with us as we took our pictures with our kids and he was very helpful with the shad and the stripers on our poles. He was especially helpful to the kids when we adults weren’t paying attention. He cleaned the striper for us and bagged them as well. All in all, Jacob went above and beyond today with his customer service and experience making sure we caught as many as we could and it was a successful day today! Good job Jacob!! ~ Yelp Review: Ronnie D., Plano, TX
Captain Dan Barnett - Dan Barnett & Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Striper Guides

Captain Dan Barnett

I have lived and guided fishing trips on Lake Texoma for over 20 years. In my personal opinion, striper fishing on Lake Texoma is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures offered on the lake. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct my business on one of the best striper fishing lakes in the United States with liberal catch limits. Of the numerous striper guides providing services on the lake, I stand alone as the only guide guaranteeing you will catch fish or you do not have to pay for your next trip. As a professional guide, I promise you a true adventure, coupled with a safe and fulfilling Texoma striper fishing excursion equaled by no other service.

Zach Langford - Dan Barnett & Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Striper Guides
Zach Langford - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service

Zach Langford

Zach Langford’s journey traces back to his Lake Texoma upbringing, where a profound love for fishing and the outdoors took root. Driven by the desire to transform his passion into a career, he set his sights on becoming a full-time Lake Texoma fishing guide. For several years now, Zach has relished every moment of this pursuit, eagerly anticipating each day at the dock. Welcoming both new and returning clients, he finds joy in taking them out to catch fish, fostering fun, and creating lifelong memories on the boat. Often hailed as the “Shad Wizard” you can be sure to have a great time with Zach!

We will definitely be back!

I did a Sunday afternoon trip with Zach Langford. I also had four boys all age 14 who love fishing and Zach did a great job of getting us on fish and patiently answering all of their questions about fishing, tackle, and the lake. We caught 22 fish with the largest being 23.5″ and the majority of the fish being at least 18″. We will definitely be back. In fact, one of the boys wants to do another trip in a few weeks for his birthday. The company was very responsive to all emails and questions before the trip. Keep up the great work! ~ Yelp Review: J.J.K., Pottsboro, TX
Russell Buxton - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service
Russell Buxton - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service

Russell Buxton

Born against the backdrop of the majestic Colorado landscape, Russell developed a passion for fishing and the great outdoors from an early age. However, life had different adventures in store for him, leading him to spend numerous years in the demanding and dynamic environment of the oil field. While the oil fields sculpted his work ethic and perseverance, Russell yearned for a return to his roots – the serenity and excitement of fishing.

In pursuit of his lifelong dream, Russell found his home at Guaranteed Guide Service on Lake Texoma. Drawing upon over a decade of experience in the oil industry, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of professional guiding, combining his technical skills with an unyielding love for angling.

Russell’s journey on Lake Texoma is not just about catching fish; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences for those who share his enthusiasm for the sport. His extensive knowledge of the lake’s ecosystem, honed by years spent exploring its depths, allows him to provide clients with not only a thrilling fishing adventure but also an educational journey through the diverse aquatic world of Lake Texoma.

As part of Guaranteed Guide Service, Russell stands out not only for his commitment to excellence but also for his warm and engaging personality. He takes pride in sharing the beauty of Lake Texoma with fellow fishing enthusiasts, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond a guided trip – it becomes a cherished memory etched in the hearts of those who venture out with him. Russell’s dedication to his craft is matched only by his commitment to the satisfaction of his clients. With an unwavering belief in the beauty of Lake Texoma striper fishing, he not only guarantees an exciting adventure but also promises an unparalleled level of service. For Russell, each day on Lake Texoma is an opportunity to blend his Colorado roots, oil field work ethic, and love for fishing into an experience that leaves a lasting mark on everyone who embarks on the journey with him.

I caught more fish than I could count!

The boat was very comfortable and provided a great space to relax and enjoy the scenery. The fishing was also great and I caught more fish than I could count! Russell was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us helpful tips throughout the day. ~ Online Review: Jeffrey
Dustin Trousdale - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service - Media Director
Dustin Trousdale - Jacob Orr Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service - Media Director

Dustin Trousdale

Meet Dustin Trousdale, a remarkable man with a heart dedicated to family, service, and faith. As a lifelong fireman and paramedic, Dustin has spent years bravely responding to emergencies, saving lives, and providing care to those in need. His commitment to serving others extends beyond his profession, as he dedicates his summers to running a Christian camp for kids.

With a passion for nurturing young minds and fostering spiritual growth, Dustin creates memorable experiences for campers, instilling values of kindness, compassion, and faith. His leadership at the camp embodies a combination of safety, fun, and spiritual guidance, leaving a lasting impact on each child who attends. Outside of his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Dustin cherishes time spent with his family, finding joy and fulfillment in the moments shared with loved ones. His unwavering dedication to his family, community and faith are the values we are proud to have as a part of the team here at GGS.

Keep an eye out for Dustin behind the camera on your next trip with us! When he’s not busy crafting compelling content for our social media channels or fighting fires you might just spot him capturing the moments that matter most on one of our trips. With his keen eye for detail and knack for storytelling, Dustin adds an extra layer of magic to every journey. Get ready for an unforgettable experience, both on-screen and off, with our social media maestro at the helm.

Everyone caught fish & had a great time.

Fishing two days with these guys we had a group of 5 people, and everyone caught fish and had a great time. They were big, nice boats with plenty of room and the guides were professional, friendly and knew right where the fish were. We will be fishing with them next time we come to Texoma for sure! ~ Online Review: S. Dickey